Imagine if…

…anyone could breathalyse a cow and identify pregnancy or disease related biomarkers using nano-sensors in a way that is easy to use, non-invasive, efficient, accurate, early, affordable and at the point of care.


The Solution

We have developed a method of breath collection and analysis to identify specific volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in breath which are able to distinguish pregnant (wet) cows from not pregnant (dry) cows from day 16 post insemination.

We are also undertaking further research and development of our core technology on broader application to pigs and sheep with the potential to apply what we can do to disease detection such as bovine respiratory disease.

Calf with its mother
Diagram of the Agscent Breath connectivity

Our Technology

A superior alternative to the current options, our diagnostic device is a cost-effective solution that is non-invasive, efficient, and highly accurate. This cutting-edge technology allows producers to carry out pregnancy testing when it suits them, in a safe and accurate manner, without the need to rely on a veterinarian. This will result in increased productivity gains and improved animal welfare.

Removing the risk of a shoulder injury or being kicked when doing a rectal test, Agscent’s new technology, the Breath will revolutionise cattle management in the Meat, Livestock & Dairy industries.

Why Breath?

The emerging area of science known as breathomics (breath diagnosis) is increasingly used in medicine to diagnose patients presenting with a variety of diseases. At Agscent, we are applying the lessons of human medicine to breath diagnosis principally for livestock and farming animals.

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Our proprietary technology conducts accurate analysis of cow’s breath to determine pregnancy, eliminating the need for traditional palpation methods and the associated risks to both the cow and calf.

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Advanced Technology

We have world class biological and agricultural scientists in Australia and abroad developing our groundbreaking sensor and breath analysis technology. Our goal is to enable realtime results at the point of care.

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Our portable and user-friendly breath analysis technology is designed to be used on the farm by farmers, reducing the need to employ a vet for traditional pregnancy testing procedures.