Get to know us

The Agscent team are a highly skilled, engaged and passionate group of individuals who have experience and qualifications for working on the land, in the lab and in business.

Board of Directors

Bronwyn Darlington
Bronwyn DarlingtonAgscent Managing Director and Founder
Topaz Conway
Topaz ConwayBusiness, Tech and Commercialisation Advisor
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan Commercial Law

Science and Agriculture

Eliza Walker
Eliza WalkerOperations
MD Hossain
MD HossainReproductive Biologist
Charlotte Wood
Charlotte WoodTechnical Field Officer
Jing Cui
Jing CuiSenior Scientist and Data Analyst
Andrew Sullivan
Andrew SullivanFarm Manager
Amelia Unthank
Amelia UnthankTechnical Field Officer

Design, Tech and Manufacturing (IDE Group)

Andrea Ranzoni
Andrea RanzoniConnected Care Group Director
Bill Karabetsos
Bill KarabetsosProject Manager
Lloyd Coleman
Lloyd ColemanProduct & Systems Manager
Kurt Lochens
Kurt LochensProduct Developer
Amy Tate
Amy TateUX/UI Senior Product Developer

Advisory Group

Bill Graham
Bill GrahamReproductive Vet
Joe Seisdedos
Joe SeisdedosIP Advisor
Darren Price
Darren PriceFarm Advisor
Rob Purves
Rob PurvesBusiness Advisor