Our focus is on developing non-invasive, easy to use animal health point-of-care diagnostic breath biopsy nano-sensor devices which improve productivity, health and wellbeing of livestock and those who work with them.


Who we are

We are a bio/agritech company founded on farm in regional NSW, Australia. Our vision is for a world where farmed animals are healthy and live without stress or pain.

With reproductive management being one of the most important economic variables in livestock production we have focused our technology initially on reproduction. We know the value of optimising reproduction because we live it every day – we have primary production in our blood.

Woman working with equipment on the farm
Woman working in the lab

What we have done

  • Created a data rich PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY where we are the holder of biodata for pregnancy, disease diagnostics and methane emissions for many species globally

  • Commercialised a range of BIO-TECH point-of-care animal health solutions addressing big global problems using the same core technology for multiple diagnostic solutions for many different livestock animals at point-of care (POC)

  • Turned industry and trial partners into CUSTOMERS – producers and vets – at every step of the way