Measuring methane and other green house gases

Agscent Air GHG sensors puts the measurement of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the hands of those who are doing all the work to reduce them – FARMERS!


With a strong commitment to sustainability, we aim to make methane measurement accessible, driving industry-wide adoption of methane monitoring technologies and contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

Supporting this we have developed a versatile GHG sensor unit that can be used indoors and outside, measures methane and carbon dioxide continually, and can be used for both individual and group measurements.

We have two measurement tools available; they are:
The GHG2100

A stand-alone sensor unit

Agscent X Optiweigh

The Agscent sensor unit has been fully integrated int the Optiweigh system

Close up of the Agscent Air GHG device

The versatile GHG 2100 unit

Agscent Air: GHG 2100, offers primary producers an efficient emissions monitoring tool. Its easy installation and minimal calibration make it low maintenance. The modular design accommodates various gas sensors, including methane and carbon dioxide.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Versatile design for group or individual measurements

  • Only Agscent is designed for farmers by farmers
  • Accurate, reliable measurement
  • Long-term stability and low maintenance
  • Simple to install

  • Provides auditable, 24/7, continuous monitoring evidence of GHG reduction for the purpose of carbon credits or offsets

  • Farmer operated
  • Data accessed on desktop PC and mobile smart devices

  • Australian made

Agscent X Optiweigh

The Optiweigh and Agscent collaboration provides a reliable, simple, and efficient solution to not only measure animal weight but also methane from individual animals. The integration offers a remote field-based methane measurement solution which minimises environmental variability during sample collection, Integrating the data from the Optiweigh and Agscent methane sensor.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Can be use in dairy, pasture, and feedlot systems

  • In-paddock animal weight and GHG measurement
  • Accurate, reliable measurement with long-term stability and low maintenance
  • No additional infrastructure or animal training required
  • Measurement of multiple animals within herd and regular measurements

  • Data accessed on desktop PC and mobile smart devices

  • Australian made

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